Interview with THE SAM I AM from 2006


THE SAM I AM, or BOUDICA as they later became were a great genre-bending rock outfit, fronted by Natasha Fox and completed by Daryl Tattoo, Mark Saunders (now playing bass for Florence + the Machine no less!) and Toby Gore.

This lot slotted in with the heavy melody of bands at the time quite nicely, but what set them apart wasn’t just the angular guitars and thundering presence that comes with being super tight, but also the genuinely spine tingling vocals of Fox. Dramatic and almost operatic, but still retaining a sweetness and a vulnerability, they really were something else. I remember it was always a massive surprise for people new to the band to see such a massive voice emanating from such a pretty small girl!

Alas they have since disbanded. Natasha has done guest vocals for Redtrack, and currently Natasha and Daryl are working on a new project. We shall hopefully see the fruits of this sometime this year!

Interview with THE SAM I AM from 2006

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