Great networking opportunity for Southend bands

Below is a press release for the upcoming music networking event at Southend’s YMCA. This represents a great opportunity for young Southend bands to get good some good contacts, advice and also some great networking experience under the belt. You know what they say…it’s not what you know it’s who you know! There will be a panel of professionals, including networking hero Sam Duckworth, who really did crack the music industry off the back of incredible hard work and intelligent use of the contacts he made. He’ll no doubt tell you how he did so get involved, especially if you have good demos!


Southend Musicians benefit from advice from a panel of industry experts!


Southend YMCA is offering local musicians and music students an incredible opportunity to network with music industry experts at Chinnerys on Thursday 21st April at 1pm.


The panel of music industry professionals will include Southend’s Sam Duckworth (aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly), music and entertainment lawyer Elliot Chalmers, and top manager of artists and songwriters Bob James.


The 2 hour event will follow with live music from music students at Southend YMCA and South Essex College, including groups Randomonz and Innocence Drowning to promote alternative music education courses. 


Hosting the event will be Mike Bromfield, former BBC Essex Introducing radio presenter.


Mike explained, “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in working in all areas of the music industry from wanting to be session players and songwriters to artiste management and producers.  The business aspect of things is so important – artists can get ripped off, sign bad deals and not know how to get their music on UK radio which can lead to royalties payment.


“Breaking into the industry as an artist is notoriously difficult and success is about luck, determination and definitely who you know so networking events like this, where artists can meet influential people who can give them advice are a huge help to a person’s career.


“Artists are welcome to bring their demos and pass them to our experts too.”


Tom Tyler, who runs SWITCH music at Southend YMCA said, ‘We are a very creative course and wanted to do something different than just a gig, so we’ve decided to try and give some taster advice to music makers to showcase the breadth of our courses. The courses are for 16 to 18 olds but any musician or act is welcome to this event.”

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