Southend Who? Album Hall of Fame


During the early noughties, the south-east Essex ska-punk scene was thriving. Leading the charge were bands like THE FILAMENTS, CISCO IN THE AQUARIUM and these guys THE BIG.
The Big had always been known for their hilarious, aggressive and upbeat anthems, but it was their 3rd album ‘Tears at the Dover’, released in 2004, that eventually defined their sound. Frontman ED ROME’s passion for traditional ska music is blatantly obvious here, but what sets The Big apart from other ska bands is the obvious blues influences too. Ed is a phenomenal guitarist, the songwriting here makes this album not only the best ska album to come out of Essex at that time, but out of the UK too.

The Big blended the comedy element of their lyrics (most notably ‘I Love Trains’) with the more sombre moments (‘Attack Apathy’), which really completed the package.

The Big are alas no more, but Ed Rome continues to make music in his solo project. He’ll be playing THINGAMAGIG FESTIVAL in Billericay next month.

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