Fair play to Mikey Glenister! We’ve featured many bands that Monday Funday have had play at their clubnight. 
We’ll be featuring some of these bands very soon, so stay tuned! 


Once a week, I host MONDAY FUNDAY at THE SUNROOMS in Southend-On-Sea. I started out just DJing back in April last year, but since October last year I started putting on bands.

I’ve done promoting for long time in Southend now, and in my time I’ve put on great bands like The Xcerts, Tubelord, Gay For Johnny Depp, Baddies, Blakfish, The Outcry Collective, Dartz!, Tellison, GCWCF, The Dead Formats, as well as many excellent local bands. 

I’ve made money, I’ve only just broken even (more often than not), and I’ve lost a lot money throughout the years. When you lose money, it’s very hard and frustrating to try and decipher why people won’t come to gigs, especially if they are great line ups. I did give up promoting for a long time, as I couldn’t stand putting in so much effort and risking my own money to try and do something for the relevant local music scenes, when there appeared to be such a lack of support or interest in gigs in Southend.

But I find myself always coming back to gig promotion, as I love gigs, and I think a good live music scene is so important in an age where music and live music footage and streams is so accessible on the internet. Bands playing music live is just the best thing in the world. 

It really is hard work. But when it pays off, and you get people through the door and everyone has a great time and sings your praises for keeping the faith, it really makes it all worth while. The most recent success for me was Tellison (check the mental video footage HERE).

I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to put on great gigs week in week out with the backing of The Sunrooms (which I’m incredibly grateful for!), and I have some fantastic bands like Courts, Hoodlums, Suffer Like G Did and Flash Fiktion all coming up soon. We also have excellent resident DJs in LO-FI BEATS and DANNY BLANCO who keep the music diverse and banging right through the night. 

If anyone would like to play Monday Funday (every Monday!) please feel free to email me at mikecisco@hotmail.co.uk with your music links and I’ll happily check it out 🙂

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