Doozer McDooze’s crazy ebay album project!

Well this IS interesting.

Doozer McDooze (the main man behind DEFERRED SUCESS) recently engaged in a unique experiment. 
Doozer put on Ebay the chance for people to write a song about anything they wanted. All they had to do was make sure they won the bid. I don’t think anyone has ever done this? 

The result is actually a great eclectic mix of insane folk/rap/poetry, about a vast array of subjects, from Terry losing his car at Glastonbury to Kevin’s pride and joy caravan breaking down. There are some beautiful songs here, and some very funny. Our favourite is the reggae flavoured ‘Chequers Check It Out!’ about the best pub in Billericay.

You pay as much for you like for this 12 track album at Doozer’s BANDCAMP PAGE. Give him lots of money. Go on. Do it.

Doozer McDooze’s crazy ebay album project!

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