Hailing from Essex but based in Camden, NED are an exciting new band that have been busy writing and recording their debut album over the last few months.  The result is a varied and interesting listen that darts between aggressive and confrontational preaching, to soaring and thought-provoking tunes.  What links each track however, is that every song on “A New Normal” is an absolute banger.

Opener “Mass Manipulation” sets the tone of the record, with a vicious and pulsating baseline sitting underneath a throbbing beat, while lead vocalist Vaughan King demands you to “Stand up, stand by!” He invites you to join NED’s fight against all that is unjust with the world, and with a tune this catchy it’s difficult to resist!

While the overall message that runs through this album is one of frustration at injustices that our society accepts as ‘a new normal’, the actual song genres they smash together means they jump between bar-brawl partying (“I Am Free”) and expansively beautiful epics (“Vitoria”), to absolute spazz-out vaudeville punk (“Eat The Apple”) and regretful, hypnotic modern hymns (“Dog In Chains”).  In other hands this could be a cohesion nightmare, but NED have balanced this, sculpting an album that is unique and very much on their terms.

An album with a strong message is nothing without tunes to back it up, and NED not only rise to the task, but take you on a surprising, visceral and above all entertaining journey that gets better with every listen.  I cannot recommend it enough. 

“A New Normal” is out now and you can purchase it HERE.

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