By Mikey Glenister

Well 2016 really was a shitter wasn’t it?
David Bowie, Prince and George Michael were 3 artists that between them have influenced and made an impact on every musician in some way. They’ve left us.
Information manipulation on a global scale has led to disastrous results. We decided we want to leave Europe, which is a disaster for touring bands.
And Trump? Bloody hell, don’t get me started on Trump.
In a year where there was actually lots of things that were very good, it’s been very hard not to be completely overwhelmed and demoralised by the last 12 months.

How on earth did we escape the bad vibes?

Thankfully this year, the South East of Essex had an incredible year for talent and creativity. It’s put smiles on peoples faces. And my gosh, joy and love is definitely what we need. More than ever.
Here we break down why there are reasons to be cheerful coming out of 2016 in and around Southend.

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