By Robert Glenister

Back in the early noughties, there was a healthy appetite for melodic UK rock and hardcore. It was an exciting time, with bands like Hundred Reasons earning a million pound record deal with Columbia Records, Hell Is For Heroes securing a number 1 album in the UK charts, and Muse beginning their assault on arenas everywhere.
Leading the charge in Southend were our big 3: Resin, Smother and today’s subjects Engerica.

When I first saw them, I was blown away. They were the complete package. Their riffs were heavy, dramatic and engaging. They were snarling brats that mocked and sometimes spat at their crowds. The more outlandish they were, the more we lapped it up.

Their lyrics were ridiculous. With such gems like “Jesus wept, and gave me a hard on“, and “My dad says ‘Don’t take chances, don’t do drugs and don’t trust fat kids“, frontman Dave Gardner certainly had an immediate and sardonic way with words (“I’ve got this face you see, God made a fool of me, I took my pills in 1 2 3s and now the world is done with me“).


But above all, the tunes were absolutely on point, delivered with ferocious and care-free abandon. This was three men giving it everything and the results were glorious.

Their big career highlights included signing with Sanctuary Records, a Download Festival appearance in 2006 and support slots with Sum 41, but their holy grail was the release of their long awaited debut album “There Are No Happy Endings”.

This would be their only album, but happily this is now available for streaming on Spotify; perhaps there are some happy endings after all!

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