By Mikey Glenister

The best thing about the Southend music scene is that every now and then, you’ll get artists that come along and demand your attention.

Bertie Scott
 is one of these artists.

Hailing himself as alt-pop, young Bertie does things on his own terms. Despite being a relatively new artist, everything about his approach is polished and refined. His current single ‘Overdose’ is a direct and satisfying listen; the depth of the track shines thanks to it’s glossy production. There is an endearing charm to Bertie, which shines through here.

It’s refreshing to see someone apply such professionalism to their work. There is nothing amateur about this, and is rightly making people stand and take note. We will certainly be keeping an eye on Bertie Scott in 2017. We can’t wait to see what he does next. Be sure to follow his journey at

One thought on “Introducing Bertie Scott – Could He Be Southend’s Next Breakout Star?

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