By Mikey Glenister

So psychedelia is a thing again.
For years, it was seen as an ideology that died in the early 70s. Often created as a result of the artists’ own hallucinogenic experiences, this aural representation was sometimes an attempt to recreate their visual kaleidoscopic trips. Listening to the classic psychedelic bands with a great set of headphones can send you to a truly weird altered state.

Bands like Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Temples have made this genre relevant and closer to the mainstream once again, so it was surely an inevitability that a Southend band would suddenly arrive to surf this psychedelic wave. That band is Beach For Tiger, and golly, look at the tricks they are pulling off.

Their latest effort ‘Black Buddha’ is rich with layers of dreamy synths and vocal harmonies, held together by a restrained disco groove. It’s slick production (recorded at The Broom Cupboard, fast becoming the home of astonishing homegrown talent) really captures their dynamism. This is polished and dripping in personality. The summer vibes flow through this track, which are incredibly welcome during these cold winter months. The extended outro is brimming with succulent chord progressions that fill your body with warmth.

The lyric “Buddha is black and babe it gets me going” repeats reassuringly through the choruses, it’s almost hypnotic.
This track certainly gets us going. We await their next move with baited breath.

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