By Mikey Glenister

2016 was quite the year for Courts. The world woke up and took notice. You’ll be hard pushed to find a band that have fine tuned their sound so meticulously over the last five years. When they launched their new sound (blending indie and rap with precision), it was an eye opener. As they’ve evolved, they’ve managed to hone their funk and dance influences into their product, resulting in a much more focussed and unique offering. Disco grooves, intense delivery and startling precision.

But despite their impressive year where people finally started catching onto them, is this enough for the Basildon boys?

Their latest gift ‘Jaguar‘ is a surprise release. A straight up hip hop track, with a simple message: Courts are putting everyone on notice, because 2017 is theirs. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.


Photo – Anthony Kieler

Chris’ lyrics bounce over the clean and direct groove. Much more stripped back from their recent disco funk offerings, this is track is a rally cry, almost a reminder to themselves as to why they’re doing this in the first place.

“Not resenting anybody, making music’s not my hobby and I send for the pence cos I need it for rent, you may hear me down the Jobby telling white lies so I can write rhymes, where they’re gonna take a percent, so why not make them earn it, while I pick and burn it, living like a hermit praying that they heard it.”

The self belief here is evident. It almost feels like there is plenty of pent up frustration; being trapped in the monotonous grind of nine to fives, whilst sitting on a potential gold mine that has yet to be cashed in. It’s clear that Courts are very much done with their old lives, and it’s an inevitability that they will become stars if they continue on the route they’re taking. Chris could be a mouthpiece for a generation.

To paraphrase the band, we swear 2k17 will be their year, and if it’s not then we don’t know what’s going on here. Not in the slightest. Check out Jaguar for yourselves. It’s sick.

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