By Mikey Glenister

Davey Hal has been around on the highly active open mic circuit for many years now. Which is why it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for him to release a debut album. ‘Materials Logic‘ is a curious listen.

Right from the start, the grandiose piano on ‘Soothe The Grey’ arpeggiates into a pleasing set of chord progressions, culminating with some Fleet Foxes style vocal harmonies. It’s quite the introduction.


From there, the journey takes many leaps. The quirky playfulness of ‘Night Walking‘ is almost a red herring for the personal journey that follows. For the most part, this a collection of somber but earnest looks into Davey Hal‘s soul. In each track, it seems he’s singing about someone else, possibly someone who’s caused heartbreak? The bleak nature of the things he could or would do are evident in his lyrics, presented with assured optimism.

There is nothing wrong with darkness, and the delicate piano instrumental ‘Berdou‘ meanders between the light and dark balance. Although there are happier tracks present here, it’s the melancholy moments that provide the real highlights. ‘Your Stone’ is haunting, but beautiful.

This album pulls no punches. Davey Hal wears his heart on his sleeve, resulting in a captivating set of songs.

‘Materials Logic’ is available on iTunes now.

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