Well we just had to get involved with this.

Sam Duckworth has recently completed a Recreations tour with his faithful 11 piece band The Magnetic South. It was quickly apparent that this was no normal band. This was a super band. A band with magical powers. Compiled of some of the finest musicians in the country right now.

Originally a Recreations headline show, Sam Duckworth has teamed up with Southend Who? to bring you what is set to be one of the greatest parties to ever grace Chinnerys this Saturday. Because there’s a lot of rubbish shit going on in the world right now and quite frankly we’re sick of it. We just want to spread the love and party with friends.

So here it is, the first SOUTHEND WHO PRESENTS of 2017!

Lydia Kitto you of course should already know, but joining the bill at Chinnerys on Saturday 11th February are Pocket Dragon (featuring the drummer and bassist who Sam has borrowed for Recreations duties!), London’s finest party starters Eat The Evidence, with the whole event hosted by The Last Skeptik. We will be featuring all these artists over the next couple of days!

This show will be a continuous 3 hour block party. Sam did one of these before back in 2012, a collaboration between Jehst and Engine-Earz Experiment that Eddy Temple Morris highly praised.
This is truly going to be a unique meeting of minds. Four of the best bands in the country jamming together, in one evening of utter joy. This really is not to be missed!

Tickets are available here!

One thought on “Southend Who Presents: Sam Duckworth’s Bohemian Soul Orchestra, featuring Lydia Kitto, Eat The Evidence & Pocket Dragon. WHAT A PARTY!

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