Country music. Rightly or wrongly, it seems to have been tagged with a certain stigma which has isolated it to seemingly becoming a niche in UK popular culture. It’s immediately seen as the sound of rural southern America, meaning generally the UK is oblivious to this genre.

What people may not realise is that actually, the UK Country Music Scene is one of the healthiest we have, with it’s popularity growing at quite an alarming rate. This is thanks to a new breed of exciting country artists injecting some British personality into the accustomed American sound. One of the acts making the biggest waves is Southend duo Holloway Road.


Holloway Road picked up best duo at the BCMA Awards last year, and have have played the Country 2 Country Music Festival at the O2 Arena on two consecutive years in a row. Their rise has been quite staggering, with momentum firmly on their side.

If She Falls‘ (much like all of their songs) is an uplifting affair, packed full of incredibly satisfying vocal harmonies and gratifying chord progressions that resolve with pleasing precision. This is a masterclass in pop writing, with a story of love being told in the third person, with fire and light bringing strength to the couple in question. Surrounded by the comforting cocoon of their charismatic country grace, the result is a refreshingly charming affair.

With country music reaching a bigger audience in the UK than ever before, it’s nice to know that when it comes to new music, The Only Way Is Essex.

If She Falls is out now on iTunes.

Mikey Glenister

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