It’s quite likely that Apachelux (pronounced Ap-ah-chee-lux) may have gone off your radars since their last release back in 2015. Back then, ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ received high praise from The Times, listing it as one of their Essential Tracks of the year. Indeed they have been fairly secretive in the build up to their latest release ‘Waiting for the Red Light’.

Jay and Lou

This track harks back to the glory days of 90s electronica, with strong nods to Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. The star of the show once again is Louisa Stracham’s powerful lead vocals which shine brightly here.
With Louisa being very active in the Southend creative community (she helped young singer songwriters recently at a special workshop, a collaboration between SoSlam and Metal) it’s great that we finally get to hear Apachelux return with great new music. We await their next move eagerly!

‘Waiting For The Red Light’ is available now on iTunes

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