2015/2016 was a great couple of years for the promising new band HNTR. They were surfing a wave of positive hype, becoming one of the buzz bands in the South East. Then as quickly as this momentum was reaching a peak, they very quietly announced that they were calling it a day. This was no fond farewell though, it was merely just a reshuffle in the ranks and a new battle plan. Goodbye HNTR. Hello Tabou.

The London/Essex 4 piece are quite simply a contemporary joy. Mixing indie, soul and electro pop, this is inventive song writing, which sits very nicely alongside other acts coming out of the Thames Estuary area like Southchurch and Arcaves. Once again, it seems there’s another vital sub scene brewing. This can only be a good thing.

Their debut single ‘Honey’ has already received over 20k plays on their Soundcloud page in only 3 weeks. It seems that the hype from the past has continued into this reimagining.  And rightly so. Tabou are worth keeping your eyes on this year.

Tabou play The Rocksteady in Dalston London this Friday for a FREE ENTRY gig. Don’t miss out!

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