IT’S HERE! Our first ever Southend Who TV programme! Considering how DIY this was, we are incredibly pleased with this debut special on the fantastic Village Green Festival 2017.

Nothing But Thieves, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Courts, Youth Club, BAIT, Beach For Tiger, Petty Phase, Suspects, Holloway Road, BLAB and FyreSky all feature in our 30 minute special!
A massive thank you to everyone involved at Village Green Festival, all the bands for taking part, Yasmine Ben-Afia our guest presenter and of course, Rob Glenister for jumping in at the deep end and being an absolute natural in front of the camera (even if he did get increasingly drunk throughout the proceedings. What a trooper!).
We look forward to more Southend Who podcasts in the future! Share away!

Southend Who’s Who’s Who of Who to see at Village Green 2017

VILLAGE GREEN IS HERE! We’re so frickin excited. The obvious highlight of the musical calendar in Southend. This year is no exception, but with so many acts to see, how do you plan your route through the extensive list of incredible acts?
Why, with the definitive ‘Southend Who’s Who’s Who’ of who to check out of course! Here’s our top picks of who you should be checking out this year:

Beach For Tiger – Idea13 Stage 11.40 – 12.10
GET ON SITE EARLY! This will be one of the highlights of the day. Psychedelic indie pop just before lunchtime. Perfect start to proceedings!
baVard – Oak Stage 12.10 – 12.25
These two brothers are leaving their spiritual busking home of Southend High Street to take to one of the mighty Village Green stages for the first time. Charming and fun!
Courts – Village Green Stage 12.20 – 12.50
In our eyes one of the best bands on the planet. Funk rap disco pop from Basildon. If you’ve not seen them live yet, see them on the biggest stage and have your mind blown.
The Scarletts – Idea13 Stage 13.20 – 13.50
Genre bending new wave upstarts The Scarletts have been turning heads recently. We’re excited to see them play to a big crowd in the Idea13 tent.

Carousel – Chalkwell Rooms 13.30 – 14.00
Tom Eatherton and his folk troops bring some heartfelt songs to the Chalkwell Rooms, central on the Village Green site. Let him into your hearts.
Suspects – Idea13 Stage 14.10 – 14.40
DON’T FORGET YOUR EAR PLUGS. The loudest two piece in the UK, but what a glorious noise. The first of the Cool Thing Records family to play the Idea13 stage.
BAIT – Idea13 Stage – 15.00 – 15.30
Don’t go anywhere. Bait are simply the most captivating live show you will see. Trust us. Mike Webster’s best project yet. This is NOT TO BE MISSED.
Primo Nelson – Village Green Stage 15.30 – 16.10
The baddest mother funkers in Southend on sea. One of the most entertaining bands in the south east. The energy will be high for this one!

Darren Jones & The World Music Band – Idea13 Stage – 15.50 – 16.20
Southend’s answer to Paul Simon. One of the most enigmatic performers out there. This will be very special indeed.
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Village Green Stage 16.40 – 17.20
The mighty Sam Duckworth returns with his most beloved project. Expect a huge band, some new songs, some old classics and a message of hope in these troubled times.
Youth Club – Idea13 16.40 – 17.20
The secret special guests! Which we found out about. You’re welcome! Village Green favourites. Pure indie pop machines.
LJ Howard – Chalkwell Rooms 16.50 – 17.20
We love this guy. Simply a class act. Big bold pop with heart. You can’t go wrong here! A definitive Southend Who favourite!

The Trusted – Chalkwell Rooms 17.40 – 18.10
Fast rising indie 4 piece that are gaining a very loyal fanbase in Southend. Expect a rammed Chalkwell Rooms!
Holloway Road – Idea13 Stage 17.40 – 18.10
The country darlings of the UK. Southend’s Holloway Road are quite something live. Armed with full band, this will be a breath of fresh air.
Kate Nash – Village Green Stage – 17.50 – 18.40
The first of our big headliners. Kate needs no introduction, but her new sound really kicks! Star of GLOW, this is one of the most fabulous acts Village Green has ever had!
Longy & The Gospel Trash – Idea13 Stage 18.30 – 19.00
A Southend superstar in his own right, but now armed with the best band he’s ever had behind him, this is going to be an absolute riot. Honest and powerful.

BLAB – The Oak Stage 18.40 – 19.00
Neglect the smaller stages at your peril! BLAB are a female fronted 4 piece with some of the best indie rock songs out there. Highly recommended!
Slim Pickings – Idea13 Stage 19.20 – 20.00
8 piece reggae/dub band, the rising stars in the super healthy reggae/ska scene in Southend. You know it’s going to be a party with the Idea13 stage headliners.
Big Jacket – Chalkwell Rooms 19.20 – 20.00
Headlining the Chalkwell Rooms are the folk pop wonders Big Jacket. Massive fans right here, this spot is well deserved!
Nothing But Thieves – Village Green Stage 19.10 – 20.00
Surely the reason we all have a ticket right? The darlings of Southend, a perfect chance to catch the biggest new rock band in the world in their homecoming show.

Beach For Tiger – Leading the Psychedelic Pop Renaissance

By Mikey Glenister

So psychedelia is a thing again.
For years, it was seen as an ideology that died in the early 70s. Often created as a result of the artists’ own hallucinogenic experiences, this aural representation was sometimes an attempt to recreate their visual kaleidoscopic trips. Listening to the classic psychedelic bands with a great set of headphones can send you to a truly weird altered state.

Bands like Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Temples have made this genre relevant and closer to the mainstream once again, so it was surely an inevitability that a Southend band would suddenly arrive to surf this psychedelic wave. That band is Beach For Tiger, and golly, look at the tricks they are pulling off.

Their latest effort ‘Black Buddha’ is rich with layers of dreamy synths and vocal harmonies, held together by a restrained disco groove. It’s slick production (recorded at The Broom Cupboard, fast becoming the home of astonishing homegrown talent) really captures their dynamism. This is polished and dripping in personality. The summer vibes flow through this track, which are incredibly welcome during these cold winter months. The extended outro is brimming with succulent chord progressions that fill your body with warmth.

The lyric “Buddha is black and babe it gets me going” repeats reassuringly through the choruses, it’s almost hypnotic.
This track certainly gets us going. We await their next move with baited breath.

Lydia Kitto – Astonishing Southend Soul, Set to Soar in 2017

-By Mikey Glenister

It’s been a while since there’s been a talent quite like Lydia Kitto. In fact, I’m struggling to think of any solo artist from Southend who has presented this much potential for global domination at such an early stage in their career.

‘Ride’ demonstrates her craft perfectly. The subtle house track sits under Lydia’s voice as it takes off, which demands your attention.

2016 was the year that Kitto started to really turn heads. She had one of the stand out performances at Village Green 2016, and her debut single ‘Run To You‘ has received over 100,000 streams on Spotify. And it’s easy to understand why.
Her style and swagger makes her completely unique. Every melody oozes personality, which sets her leaps and bounds above the rest.

She’s one of the most versatile performers in Southend, storming local open mic nights. She’s incredibly comfortable behind her keyboard, armed with a guitar, or with a full band behind her (her go-to players are members of Beach For Tiger, another Southend band that deserves your attention).

The Amy Winehouse comparisons are inevitable, but as you can see from one of The Broom Cupboard Sessions she featured in, tackling a big Amy track like ‘Stronger Than Me’ is a breeze. She completely owns it.

She closed 2016 with an incredible performance at The Jazz Cafe, which only validated her claim to become a true breakout star in 2017.
BBC Essex Introducing have endorsed her as one of their Essex Sound of 2017 artists. It’s not hard to see why. This year, we’ve got our eyes on Lydia Kitto, and can’t wait to see what she does next.