Southend Who presents: Cisco In The Aquarium + Friends, a celebration of the old school Southend Ska Punk Scene!


On Friday January 5th 2018, Southend Who is proudly presenting an evening of Southend ska-punk to celebrate an era that was positively thriving in the early noughties!

Ska punk shows were a regular occurrence at Chinnerys back in 2000-2003, so we decided to get 3 of the best ska-punk legends back together as well as an appearance from one of the biggest characters from the scene for one night only at Chinnerys on Friday 5th January 2018. Here’s why we’re so excited!

CISCO IN THE AQUARIUMScreen Shot 2017-12-12 at 19.02.01.png

The ska pop princes back in the day, Cisco In The Aquarium were famous for their raucous live shows. Their loyal following were left heartbroken when they disbanded in 2005 when frontman James Kelleway moved to America. After a one off reunion show back in 2010, they’ve decided to have one last party at Chinnerys!
They were just kids when their legendary songs like ‘Tiffy Got A Texty‘ and ‘Flamin’ Nutcase‘ captured the hearts of the Southend music scene. Now they’re all grown up with a mission statement to get Southend skanking one last time!


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During the early noughties, the south-east Essex ska-punk scene was thriving. Leading the charge were bands like THE FILAMENTS, CISCO IN THE AQUARIUM and these guys THE BIG.
The Big had always been known for their hilarious, aggressive and upbeat anthems, but it was their 3rd album ‘Tears at the Dover’, released in 2004, that eventually defined their sound. Frontman ED ROME’s passion for traditional ska music is blatantly obvious here, but what sets The Big apart from other ska bands is the obvious blues influences too. Ed is a phenomenal guitarist, the songwriting here makes this album not only the best ska album to come out of Essex at that time, but out of the UK too.

The Big blended the comedy element of their lyrics (most notably ‘I Love Trains’) with the more sombre moments (‘Attack Apathy’), which really completed the package.

The Big are alas no more, but Ed Rome continues to make music in his solo project. He’ll be playing THINGAMAGIG FESTIVAL in Billericay next month.


photo by Rich Crooks

THE POWER OF VOODOO are 3 piece pop rock band consisting of Rob and Mikey Glenister and James McNamara. They’ve just released their new EP ‘Did Someone Say Voodoo?’ and it is so jam packed with power and melody it’s bordering on ridiculous.

Interesting Voodoo facts:

Mikey has played trumpet for Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly for many many years, as well as local legends Cisco in the Aquarium. Rob has played drums for Wretched Replica, Futurism Vs. Passeism, and also Miss Something. This is the twin brothers’ first project together.

Photo by Rich Crooks