The Horrors return after 3 years to rage against the Machine


“Can you believe that The Horrors are now 12 years old? Time flies when you’re evolving from a anarchic garage band into a shoegazing new wave phenomenon.

Machine‘ however, sees the Southend 5 piece go down their most gritty industrial route yet. The crunching bass is the constant, below irresistible feedback-heavy electronic layers. Faris’ vocals sit effortlessly over the calm chaos of this track, but with Paul Epworth on producing duties, this is to be expected.

This is reinvention number five for The Horrors, but they still stay true to the genres that they love and openly champion. This project is a tribute to the great music of our past, whilst injecting so much originality and substance into their sound. The Horrors are a band that won’t ever stop setting their bar higher. We await album number 5 with baited breath.”

Mikey Glenister

A brief history of Southend bands at Reading Festival


With the exciting news that Nothing But Thieves will be opening the Radio 1 Stage at this year’s Reading Festival 2015 (PS. TOLD YOU they would become massive!), we thought we would give you a reminder of 5 bands from the southeast that have graced one of the more popular festival retreats for Southenders over the years. 
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THE HORRORS are back with their latest reinvention. 

‘Still Life’ is taken from their 3rd album ‘Skying’ which is released on 11th July. If this track is anything to go by, then this could be one of the albums of the year.

The Horrors will also be returning to their hometown of Southend in October, playing Chinnerys on 27th October. Tickets on sale at from 10th June. 

IPSO FACTO were always labelled as the female Horrors. Like all lazy comparisons this was completely inaccurate. Sure they looked monochrome and gothy like the Horrors, and shared Southend origins of course, but the similarities end there. Compared to the chaotic untamed garage rock of The Horrors at the time (Strange House era), Ipso Facto were always a more refined and dramatic choice for discerning music fans.

Fronted by Rosie Cunningham, they created a moody and ethereal kind of psychadelic rock, but always with a concise, accurate beauty to it. They’ve all gone on to pursue other projects, but unique songs like this track, ‘Six and Three Quarters’ will always be around rattling around my head.

Junk Club and Southend

Great article about Junkclub and the Southend scene at the time in 2006 in the Guardian. Features the bands The Horrors, These New Puritans, Wretched Replica, Errorplains, Neils Children and The Violets.

Really sums up what it was all about back then!

Junk Club and Southend