The Trusted have already had a very busy year. This exclusive new video for ‘Sunlight‘ is the indie band’s third of the year. It’s a step back from the frenetic tempo we’ve come accustomed to from these young lads, but emotive relaxed qualities of Tom Cunningham’s voice shine through is this different framework.

Live at The Railway pic credit Gaz de Vere .jpg

Photo: Gaz De Vere

The band also recently collaborated with Pete Gleadall (Pet Shop Boys Musical Director and Producer who’s worked with U2, Madonna, George Michael). Pete enjoyed their London show a Nambucca so much, that he decided to remix a couple of tracks for them, including the one below. Well worth your time!

With momentum clearly on their side, the band join the bill for Village Green Festival on July 8th for their biggest show yet. Keep your eyes glued to for future updates.

The Trusted VIDEO PREMIERE – The New Single ‘Good To Bad’

The Trusted are back with their brand new single ‘Good To Bad‘. Once again, the young quartet deliver another indie treat.


The bass lick hooks you in immediately, quickly locking in with the drums to embark on an irresistible groove trip. Tom Cunningham’s subtle vocal delivery sits neatly over the song, possibly singing about the frustrations of losing a special someone and not being able to do anything about it.

Shot on location at The Venue and directed by Cool Thing Records visual whizz Kana Waiwaiku, this new single is only going to strengthen their claim to being your new favourite band this year.

Trust Us, You Need To Get To Know The Trusted

It’s quite refreshing when you stumble across an young indie band who are contextually aware of exactly what they’re setting out to do. It’s something that is usually realised and honed a lot later in a band’s career.

The Trusted are a breath of fresh air, keeping things simple but with enough grit and character to make them stand out.

Their video for their latest ‘Turbulence’ (directed by Kana Waiwaiku, part of the Cool Thing Records team) dropped this week, a self assured indie treat. Tom Cunningham has the swagger and self belief that every great frontman should have.

The Trusted are playing lots of shows this Spring, check out for more information.